Amazon Services

Regardless of your selected go-to-market strategy, it’s critical that brands maximize their brand presence and strategy on Amazon. Our team has the experience and skill to ensure that you’re taking advantage of every opportunity.

Supporting Your Brand

Content Optimization

We optimize your content to improve brand appeal and increase search visibility. This may mean rewriting listings, optimizing keywords, or changing your product title to match search behavior. We highlight differentiators, improve your search rankings, and boost your sales.

Graphic Design

We’ve all experienced the power of great design and its influence on buying decisions. AMZ Atlas has a talented team of experienced designers with specific Amazon experience. We can ensure that your products are presented beautifully and effectively on the platform.


Our advertising experts look at your current visibility, competitive landscape, and potential return on spend. We’ll design an Amazon ad strategy with the right mix of PPC and Amazon DSP, including Video Ads, Branded and Sponsored Display, and other emerging solutions.

Gain Brand Control

Price Monitoring and Stabilization

If Amazon finds a lower price for your product, and you use Vendor Central, Amazon will lower the price. We can help you pull out of the downward spiral. We have the in-depth reporting and financial analysis necessary to help you stabilize item-specific costs.

Brand Protection

Many brands don’t actually know who’s selling their products and for how much. We bring in legal experts that specialize in e-commerce to work with you to develop a brand internet authorization program and unilateral pricing policy, and we’ll employ expert tracking services to find and correct pricing discrepancies.

Elevate Your Products


Our expansive data platform helps us backfill historical information and offer predictive calculations. As we monitor and optimize your brand and products over time, we’ll see opportunities to capitalize on growth and anomalies and intervene to resolve issues.

Product Roadmap

Our understanding of our clients’ performance, competitive insights and command of the Amazon platform exposes new product opportunities, helping brands optimize product strategies across all sales channels for long-term value and profitability.


Our services don’t stop when your customer’s web session ends. What if the truck doesn’t show up? We monitor Amazon’s order routing system to make sure your products show up on time. In other words, we don’t just improve your Amazon sales, we improve every component of your Amazon business.

Inventory management

AMZ Atlas offers best-in-class forecasting data, but even more importantly, we understand the external forces that are likely to play a role in your future performance, allowing us to adeptly help you balance IPI scores, storage limits, placement fees, and stranded inventory with your capital allocation and supply chain.

Do you have questions? We do! 

It’s not difficult to determine the best go-to-market strategy for individual brands or multi-brand organizations, but the right place to start is with a conversation where we can learn more about your products and performance. Schedule a quick call with our president, Bayless Ydel, and let’s get started.

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