ICYMI: New Requirements for Radio Frequency Device (RFD) Listings on Amazon

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The AMZ Update: Ensure You’re FCC Compliant

Amazon implemented “new requirements for radio frequency device listings”. If you are selling radio frequency devices (RFDs) via Amazon Seller, you may need to make some changes to remain in or gain compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and all federal, state, and local laws applicable to those products and product listings. This post will outline what has changed, who this applies to, and what to do about it. 

It’s important to note that beginning March 7th, 2022, Amazon has begun removing listings that do not comply with these newly implemented regulations. Failing to educate yourself and eventually comply with these guidelines could result in your products being removed from the platform.

The New Regulation

The FCC regulates electronic devices that emit radio frequencies. The FCC also notes that nearly all of the electronic products listed on Amazon are capable of emitting radio frequencies, meaning this new regulation will be applicable to practically all sellers of electronic or electrical products.

To Whom Does This Apply?

Brands that are selling products that include radio frequency devices (RFDs) on Amazon. Generally, this applies to “products that…contain circuitry that operates in the radio frequency spectrum”. 

According to the FCC, almost all electronic or electrical products are capable of emitting radio frequency energy; so, it’s crucial that vendors do their due diligence in this regard, as they may be selling an item that falls under this broad category without realizing it. 

What are RFDs (Radio Frequency Devices)?

The FCC broadly classifies RFDs as any electronic or electrical product that is capable of emitting radio frequency energy. Examples of products that are regulated by the FCC as RFDs include: Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth devices, radios, broadcast transmitters, signal boosters, and devices with cellular technology.

You can learn more about what the FCC considers as an RFD here.

How can Amazon sellers prepare for this change?

Your 5-Step action plan to complete ASAP:

#1 – Talk to your Agency or Capital Partner or any other parties assisting you with the management of your Amazon listings to identify which steps (if any) you need to take to ensure compliance and avoid getting your listings removed from Amazon. 

#2 – Identify the FCC rules that do or do not apply to your product (see the bottom of this page)

#3 – Take steps toward compliance (use this page as a guide)

#4 – Gather evidence of FCC authorization (see here)

#5 – Follow Amazon’s guidelines to provide evidence of FCC authorization (either an FCC certification number or contact information for the Responsible Party as defined by the FCC.)

The AMZ Atlas Approach

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