Amazon Pricing, Fixed.

57% of eCommerce sales come through Amazon. But, most brands don’t have control over underpriced products on Amazon, causing stress with retailers. We fix that.

Discover how you can take control of Amazon pricing to drive up profitability and strengthen your retailer relationships.

Diagram of AMZ Atlas three-pronged strategy: brand, pricing, and product strategy

Who’s to Blame for Underpriced Products on Amazon?

Your loyal customers will always go for the cheapest option, regardless of where they are on the ‘branded experience’ that’s provided.

But Amazon doesn’t set prices – they just prioritize the lowest ones.

The reason undercut prices exist on Amazon is that brands don’t have the same control of their eCommerce sellers as they do in the physical stores.

AMZ Atlas helps you gain control over who is selling your products on the internet.


Gain Control of Amazon Pricing

Here’s what happens when you take back control over who is selling your products online:

22% Increase in Gross Margin

Controlling price allowed our Brand Partner to increase their wholesale cost without damaging demand.

1,250 Resellers Identified

Brand partner identified 1,250 resellers on Amazon and across the internet.

17% Increase in Wholesale Orders

By policing MAP across the internet, one brand was able to secure higher order volumes and new customers from traditional brick and mortar.

Less Than 5% Authorized

Of the those identified, Brand Partner chose to authorize less than 5% based on their value to the brand and the commitment to protect the Brand’s value.


Your Pathway to Profitability:

First, define and enforce your pricing policies across the Internet


who is selling your products, on what platform and price.


your best seller(s) and shut down the bad actors.


your MAP policies to your authorized sellers.


Next, identify and activate your most profitable go-to-market strategy on Amazon:

Minimal Control

You sell products directly to Amazon as your seller or operate with multiple resellers.

The lowest internet prices for your products from other resellers are constantly matched and prioritized by Amazon. Limited advertising opportunities.

Balanced Management

One exclusive Amazon seller partner, like AMZ Atlas, manages Amazon for you.

One vendor manages everything from inventory to marketing and sales and grows your margin – not just volume. You shorten time to market and reduce complications.

Direct DIY Control

You are your own reseller, direct to consumer and manage the full Amazon funnel.

Your internal team has multiple internal resources that handle everything from inventory and price, to marketing and legal policy enforcement to keep bad actors from shrinking prices.


Get a View from the Summit

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Are you ready to fix your pricing problem, grow profitability, and repair relationships with other retailers?

Discover how brands take control of their Amazon relationship and gain 25% more margin. ROI guaranteed.

If you’re interested in what you could expect from an AMZ Atlas partnership, share how we can help. Check “send Roadmap” and we’ll send you a sample roadmap on how to fix your Amazon pricing and maximize profitability.

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