We invest in your inventory and help maximize your opportunity on Amazon.

Amazon is an indispensable platform for any brand that does business online. However, being a good platform doesn’t mean that Amazon is always a great partner.


Limitations of 1P::

Working with Vendor Central, you don’t have control over product pricing and can lose visibility on the platform. You’re subject to unexpected chargebacks and allowances, and you have very little wiggle room when it comes time to negotiate your agreement.

Less Control on Pricing

Unexpected Charges

Less visibility

Potential for 3P:

Transitioning to Seller Central allows you to gain control of your product. You take on the responsibility of setting and monitoring prices. You have far greater insights into your Amazon sales and how to fix them. Plus, you have the ability to control who’s selling your products. While selling 3P takes commitment and resources, the trajectory of your business can shift for the better. On the other hand, that shift requires expertise many brands do not possess.

More Control

Greater Insights

More Responsibility

How does Atlas Capital accelerate 3P adoption?

We provide a model for brands who would like to secure the benefits of Seller Central but may not be prepared to own and manage inventory. AMZ Atlas acquires inventory to meet the Amazon demand and manages it for you, including pricing, product optimization, forecasting, logistics, and authorization programs. All our expertise is brought to bear and can help you achieve an increase of 25% or more in margin.

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