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We help brands take control of Amazon and gain 25% or more margin.

The Hard Truth

We love the Amazon platform and believe it should be a large part, if not the largest part, of a brand’s go-to-market strategy. However, if Amazon is your seller, you don’t have control of your products’ pricing. Period.

Other challenges of working with Vendor Central:

  • Amazon negotiates wholesale prices once per year, and is historically unlikely to agree to a price increase to cover rising costs
  • If Amazon finds your product at a lower price elsewhere, they’ll lower their price to meet it, and suddenly your prices are eroding everywhere
  • Amazon controls the visibility of your product on the platform

Regain Control by Moving from 1P to 3P

Transitioning to Seller Central allows you to regain control of your product. You take on the responsibility of setting and monitoring prices, and you have far greater control over handling pricing discrepancies without major disruptions. While selling 3P takes commitment and resources, the trajectory of your business can shift. The risk is the shift can present financial challenges and require expertise many brands do not possess.

The folly of multiple resellers

Traditionally, the more store shelves your product appeared on translated to higher sales. Not so on Amazon. The demand for your product is the same whether you have one reseller or ten. Consolidating your presence to a single reseller focused on your brand will pay dividends across your business without sacrificing Amazon sales.

Achieve Peak Performance with Atlas Capital

When we become your brand’s exclusive authorized Amazon reseller, our goals fully align.

Our model works for brands who would like to explore the opportunities with Seller Central or brands looking to reign in the number of sellers on Amazon. We map out a strategy that will help you regain control and increase margin without having to do all the work.

Our services include ownership and execution of a full inventory strategy, including pricing, product optimization, monitoring and enforcement. Our direct accountability for execution and results means our deepest analytical resources are brought to bear to help you achieve a 25% or higher increase in margin.

Comprehensive, One-of-a-Kind Service


1P to 3P Transition Strategy
Inventory Planning
Product Optimization


Authorized Reseller Program
Rogue Reseller Management
MAP Policy


Ongoing Channel Development Concentrated Growth Strategy
Holistic Brand Management

Atlas Capital is a great solution, if:

  • Your products are listed on Amazon today
  • You are not satisfied with your relationship with your resellers (one or many)
  • Your products are a standard size and weight (1.16 cu ft)
  • You own your brand
  • You’ve gone through Amazon’s brand registry
  • Your gross margin would be above 45% if you were achieving your desired retail price

Regardless of what model you’re currently using, we can help you evaluate your options and adjust your strategy for the most value.

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