Gain an Edge with Predictive, Transformative Analytics


With our leading-edge data analytics engine, AMZ Atlas offers you valuable data insights to drive better decisions, coupled with our team’s readiness to activate the changes that bring you better performance.

Why is Data Important?

Amazon’s market is so much bigger than most brands realize. And that’s because for the last decade, sales have just kept climbing. But most brands are working with only a partial picture of what’s actually happening. When you begin to understand a wider and deeper picture of the marketplace, you begin to realize the true state of your performance vis-à-vis the competition, and how much opportunity you have to gain.

Move from Data to Intelligence

There’s no shortage of data available to you. The question is, what do you make of it? Market data intelligence is at the heart of what we do–turning a plethora of factors like ACOS, Conversion Rate, Ad Spend, Ship COGS, Buy Box Percentage, and more into positive, long-term value for your brand. But it takes a deep understanding of how these factors influence each other and what to do about it that shapes your ultimate outcomes.

Historical Reports

Reporting for trailing three years.


Projections based on historical trends.


Detailed forecasts based on recommended changes.


Using Machine Learning applied to track KPIs to suggest an action plan.

Optimize Your Whole Funnel

Agencies that only focus on ads are only incentivized to optimize one thing: your ad spend. AMZ Atlas helps you take the harder and longer path, optimizing all aspects of your performance that lead to your desired destination: peak performance.


Keyword Search Frequency

Search Trends & Seasonality

Share of Voice


Item Performance Data

A/B Testing Framework

Data-Driven Optimization


Evolving Demand Planning

Supply-Driven Strategies

Intelligent Marketing & Advertising

What’s Your Destination?

We Know The Way


Whatever success means to you, with the right analytics + the team who puts them into action, you can:

  • Stop loss of market share
  • Grow your share of market
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Increase profitability
  • Gain control of your brand
  • Get your message right

And if you don’t know exactly where you should go, AMZ Atlas can help you identify your true potential and pave the way for your success.


Ready to go further?

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