Amazon Makes Mobile App Data Available in Business Reports Tool

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The AMZ Update: Mobile App Data is Here!

As of March 29th, 2022, Amazon has announced that mobile app traffic data will now be provided via the Business Reports data tools for Amazon Sellers through Seller Central. This will appear in the form of both “sessions” and “page views”, finally giving sellers a heightened level of visibility into traction from the ever-popular mobile medium.

This data will only be backdated to 3/22/2021, which is a bit of a letdown because Amazon could have gone back a full two years. But, many are clamoring for the provision of data even older than that, so this could change in the future. This change is long overdue considering that in most cases up to 70% of traffic comes from the mobile app, meaning up to now, the majority of traffic data hasn’t been available. This change will also prompt a shift towards “mobile-friendly” content as sellers work to optimize that end of the experience.

What do these changes mean for me and my business?

The largest implication stemming from this change is the fact that up till now, item-level conversion rates have more than likely been vastly overstated. Amazon wasn’t just not segmenting this data: they weren’t including it at all, so essentially the past year has now been backfilled with previously unrecorded sessions. With all those previously unrecorded sessions now present, historical conversion rates could (and probably will) shift dramatically. 

As we look ahead, we can’t help but wonder why this data still does not provide transparency into conversion rate by traffic source–a valuable nugget of information–and we’re betting it will only be a matter of time before Amazon provides this data if only to reinforce the value of optimizing products for the app. 

Data, ultimately, is only as powerful as the insights you garner from it. Use this new data to think critically about your business and the buyer’s experience when interacting with your marketplace. This data can be leveraged to improve important elements of your business like conversion rate, price competitiveness, discoverability, and overall traffic.


Amazon sellers can now view data regarding mobile app traffic in the Business Reports tool via the “sessions” and “pageviews”  metrics. This signifies continued commitment to emphasizing the mobile medium and will allow sellers to think critically about these statistics, ultimately leveraging them to improve their business.

The AMZ Atlas Approach

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